Twitch plays pokemon

What it does

You choose your team and will be assigned to a player. Now you can wote for this player to do an action. After a certain time, the votes are collected and the action with the highest votes winnes and is executed. Then the next round is started.

How I built it

I use the Phaser 3 Library for GUI creation. For communicating with the backend we used the SignalR Library. The Backend is built with .NET, running in a container on OpenShift.

Challenges I ran into

Communication FrontEnd-Backend was tricky because of time and action synchronisation. Voting system was not easy to implement. The whole GUI Library (Phaser 3) was new for us all and we had to learn it on the fly. That was also a huge challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working graphical userinterface. Communication with the Backend.

What I learned

Phaser 3, SignalR

What's next for YB4every1

There are a lot of ideas for next steps. The actions now are limited and could be extended easily (e.g. fouling, yellow-card, red-card). Increase graphical representation. Build a Scene only for Stadion-View (only watcher, non voter). And a lot more ideas...

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