Our Android app is targeted towards ordinary people like ourselves, who might need a little help to get everything on their plate sorted out. Yay!FoundIt helps users locate free, useful services such as public WiFi, water fountains, phone charging stations, and more, all on a convenient Google Maps-based interface.

Our app asks users to input services as they come across them, and lets users be the moderators of the app - if a threshold number of users register the same free service into the cloud database, it becomes a verified service, and is visible to all users accessing that category. Our app encourages users to contribute to the database of information by offering access to more categories as their contribution increases.

A future development that we're working on is the automation of WiFi and charging station data input, by detecting changes in the state of the user's smartphone. All relevant fields would be auto-filled, and the user would be prompted once (per service) to confirm or deny the input request.

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