What is Yawn Cam?

Yawn Cam is a facial recognition app which detects how often you yawn at your computer. It will then give you helpful tips in the form of a Windows popup, such as going to get a coffee. This project was initially started for another Hackathon, and we decided to polish it up a bit for this one.

How does it work?

Yawn Cam is an executable which was programmed in Python. Upon opening the app, you will be faced with an interface with three buttons: Start, Stop, and Stats. Start will activate the yawn detector, Stop will end the detection process, and Stats will show you all of your yawns.

Our app uses OpenCV to scan your face to be able to detect when you yawn. It also uses SQL databases to keep track of all of your yawns as well as when they occur.

We implemented a yawn counter from https://github.com/twinklejaswani/Yawn-Detection-using-OpenCV and edited it for the purpose of our project.

Could this app be better?

Yes. Absolutely. Honestly it lowkey sucks rn.

This app could be further developped to include other possibilities such as:

  • Adding more variety to the popup tips
  • Detecting not only yawns, but also other signs of fatigue
  • Keeping a larger database of the user to track sleepiness over longer periods of time to keep track of long term changes, enabling us to make more personalized suggestions and possibly track their mental health

It wouldn't hurt to spiffy up its UI either.

Our Experience

Finding the energy to get this started was difficult. We procrastinated quite a bit. But we managed to get some work done. And we had fun. The merch was also neat.

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