Ethereum smart contract wallet which allows users to maintain a minimum account balance (100 DAI) to provide gas free transactions by abstracting network fees with interest earned from DeFi lending protocols (Compound Finance).

User funds are automatically supplied to the market to gain interest in every block and every time the user's EOA ETH balance goes below the threshold amount, a fraction of the interest (cDai) is swapped with ETH using Uniswap protocol.

Just like @pooltogether is using the accumulated interest to reward a lucky winner and @rDai is using the accumulated interest to reward a pre-selected beneficiary, @yaw is using the same to cover gas.


  1. Earn interest on DAI to cover gas costs
  2. Monitoring of number of "free" transactions
  3. Adding friends list
  4. All typical wallet features (create wallet, send/receive tokens, unlock account etc.)


  1. DeFi part of applications utilizes Compound Finance for earning interest, Uniswap to convert cDAI to ETH
  2. 3Box to store friends wallets in the application
  3. Tech stack - Vue, Quasar + Solidity


Demo is available here - (Chrome, Android Chrome or Brave preferred) See screenshots as well


Built With

  • quasar
  • solidity
  • uniswap
  • web3
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