There's a scene in the office tv show where Dwight keeps calling a radio station and asks if he's the 107th caller. He does this over and over. It's one of those things, part of life and can be completely automated. I've been in that situation more than once where you keep calling a number over and over.

Yaver is the solution. You give it the number to call, your own phone number. It will keep calling a preset number of times and if he gets a positive response from the other party, your call will be connected!

What it does

Yaver is practically a protocol built on twilio APIs. It has certain parameters that define the behaviour of the caller bot. Once the Lightning invoice is paid, the input to the protocol will be fetched from user's gaia storage and evaluated in order to satisfy the service request.

How I built it

I used twilio api and my bitcoin lightning backend. I also used gaia storage to ensure the data is secure and in control of the blockstack user.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works and does what it promises to do.

What I learned

Gaia storage is really easy to get started but not so straightforward to handle from server side.

What's next for Yaver

Build more protocol like capabilities, make it extendible and secure the data further to ensure data is cleared after the service is provided.

Built With

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