There are many location based trading services out there, but we wanted to make something that has more of a personal connection between users.

How it works

When you join YardSail, you will be able to click on a map to interactively place a pin that will mark the location of an item that you would like to buy or sell. After creating posts, users can browse other postings in their area, or around the world, to see if anything interests them. They will then be able to contact the buyer/seller to negotiate further.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge that we faced was getting markers to show up correctly on the map, depending on the page that the user was on.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we could create a full, functioning website with complex features such as implementing google maps, user log in/sign up, and storing/recalling posts from a database.

What I learned

We learned that every component that goes into making a website is important, and can't be neglected. Even the smallest features come with many difficulties.

What's next for YardSail

The site still has some bugs that we would like to fix, such as problems with reloading the maps on pages. We would also like to work more on the navigation bar, and improve functionality to show item listings. We also need to implement a feature so that users can connect with one-another.

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