I want to help bring the community together through helping others in need! This was originally inspired by my parents, who both have problems that could result in shovelling the driveway going wrong, so the responsibility of shovelling falls to me. However, I won't always be there, especially after graduation, so I wanted to make sure the driveway could still be shovelled.

What it does

Allows people to request help with yard work through the app, specifically shovelling and mowing

How we built it

Using, AWS, and python

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints were a pretty big issue for me, especially for the amount of work I originally wanted to accomplish

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I had fun and created a design I like!

What we learned

Teamwork and time management are incredibly important, especially with a task like this one, which I hadn't been previously exposed to

What's next for YardHelper

  • Adding to the prototype
  • Continuing development on the API
  • Beginning development in Android Studio
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