Chicago's current situation for leaves disposal requires a 311 request before a pickup is sent out. The forum for the 311 request is not known to many chicagoan and has some redundant requirements.

If yard waste is not disposed of properly, it may end up in landfills and decomposes into methane, which traps 100 times more heat than carbon dioxide does in 5 years.

What it does

Utilizes the information present in social media to streamline the process of getting leaves off your yard. The messenger bot allows anyone to send a location and picture to post a location for leave disposal. A web client showing all the pickup locations allows any one of Chicago's agricultural communities to come a pickup leaves.

How I built it

Messenger bot running on glitch with and client side web application, with firebase on both platforms.

Challenges I ran into

Setting up server side firebase on node js requires a lot more configuration than client side firebase.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works

What I learned

Setting up a messenger bot and configuring firebase admin (ROOT ACCESS!)

What's next for Yard Sanitation

User Testing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Built With

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