We liked the unicycle so figured we could do something for the “useless” category.

What it does

Our project is a voice-controlled “Flappy bird”. In order to control it you say “Flap”. In order to start you say "Start".

How I built it

We use an Arduino and sound sensor to register sound. We use the Arduino IDE to get the audio data in C++ and then push it to our program in Python that simulates keystrokes depending on the volume of the audio inputs. The original Flappy bird game code that we modified can be found here, written by @sourabhv.

Challenges I ran into

Integration with the Arduino hardware was difficult since this was the first time using this technology for all of us, and integration with the game was tough because we had to familiarize ourselves with a new codebase.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to stay motivated to finish the project, and our awesome creativity!

What I learned

How to program for and wire up the Arduino, and integrate how to integrate multiple different programs to work together.

What's next for Yappybird

Nothing, really it is truly “useless”!

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