Everyone wants to be a bit more productive, making productivity apps a lucrative business. There are countless numbers of productivity apps out there, each with varying degrees of success on different people. People who are more motivated to learn will naturally use them easily, but those who generally have less discipline might find it difficult to keep using the app. We wanted to create a productivity app that is universally applicable and useful to everyone, regardless of discipline, learning ability, or motivation, while utilizing an untapped source of the productivity industry—negative punishment productivity apps!

Also, we wanted to have a bit of fun with the theme and make something kinda funny! :)

What it does

While other productivity apps tend to give rewards for staying productive or block out possible distractions, our product takes a staunch "no" stance against those kinds of approaches. Instead, we use the much more universally understood primordial instinct of human fear to boost productivity! If you finish everything on your to-do list, great! You get saved from the consequences. However, if you fail to do even one thing on your to-do list, you will be subjected to the most abhorrent consequence we can provide while staying in a legal grey zone—poorly executed social media humiliation!

If you fail to complete your to-do list before the timer you set ends, we will send an EMBARRASSING message on your personal Facebook account for all your friends and grandparents to gawk at! The best part is that you won't even be aware that it happened, meaning that you'll only be informed once your friends begin teasing you!


How we built it

We used React and TypeScript for the frontend, and we leveraged Facebook API along with HTTP requests (implemented with Axios) to implement the auto-posting to a Facebook page. The login and authentication process was developed using Facebook’s Login API and the Facebook JavaScript SDK.

Challenges we ran into

We were actually busy until Saturday evening, meaning that we had to deal with both the suffering that a sleepless night brings alongside a severe crunch of time. We were tempted to throw in the towel, but we persevered and now we're here! Also, Facebook API was a bit tricky to work out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished this in around 11 hours of work! That's pretty good for us two. We also got to figure out Facebook API and we FINALLY got that to work. Also, it was a great practice for front-end design and coding.

What we learned

We learned how to use Facebook API to login, to publish posts, and to authenticate members. We also learned that front-end coding is pretty tough, and so is Facebook API. However, most importantly, we learned a bit about human psychology during a hackathon! Yeah! I'm surprised too!

What's next for YAP TAPP

Getting sued!

Just joking, of course. This app was never intended to be a startup or serious app. We just wanted to make something unique and humorous with the theme of learning that the wonderful organizers at ULHacks provided us. If you laughed while seeing the project or reading this description, great! That means we achieved our purpose :)

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