The app Every year people tend to struggle to manage their finances and fail to achieve their financial goals. Every year more than 52% of the people across the United Kingdom tend to overspend more than usual during festivals in their cities.

The website

On average, a single person in the UK produces 10 tonnes of carbon footprint. We want to reduce this number!

What it does

The app We decided to help people achieve their financial goals during festivals by helping them using an application (web and android) which aims to make their life more well defined and help them realize their budget in advance.

We made an android application that has a large database of 1000s people from festival, it takes the users maximum budget they would like to spend it on and through our data science model it recommends events to provide the best experience of a festival. The app itself is integrated with the google maps, and provides the shortest path in the festival.

The website The website focuses on carbon footprint and encouraging people to reduce it by offering rewards.

How we built it

  • Gagan - Made the Android application
  • Mariya - Made the front end of the website
  • David - Built back end and front end of the website
  • Miguel- Build the back end of the website
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