Yet another Notification Center for Pebble SmartWatch.

YaNC is another way to send notifications from your phone directly to your wrist. Read full notifications on your Pebble. Read SMS and Email entirely. You can forward notifications to your watch from every app you want! (WhatsApp..etc..) You can set different options for every app (Filters and vibration) (With the correct filters you can even discart notifications from selected WhatsApp groups..etc..) Now your watch can display Emoji and language specific characters without problems. (Ex: Unicode, Chinese, Right to Left/RTL..)

It has a lot of features:

  • You can set text size and a bunch of other options

  • You can dismiss notifications from Pebble

  • If you dismiss a notification on phone it will be dismissed from Pebble

  • It has a lot of options to filter notifications, you will receive notifications on Pebble only from the App you want

  • You can filter notifications from the text that they contain

  • Vibration and other options can be controlled from Pebble without using your phone

  • Shake to Dismiss

  • Vibration Repetition

  • Black mode (Beautiful on Black Pebble)

It has Tasker integration:

  • You can start Task from Pebble

  • Task can control YaNC options

If you enable Devoloper connection in Pebble App, when you exit YaNC it will return to the previously opened WatchApp. (Useful for Activity Tracker) If you don't want any delay from the moment you received a notification, disable "High Quality Notifications".

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