INSPIRATION: This project came to my mind a few years ago, while I was working on a project on how to deal with loneliness for the elderly. This subject is now an evidence to me, due to our current situation. Our project's goal is to contribute to a significant change in the daily lives of Europeans. We want to make Europeans aware of the importance of living together to overcome global crises such as the one we are experiencing today.

WHAT IT DOES: With my team, we create an application named YANA (You Are Not Alone), to fight against loneliness, during this lockdown, and beyond. Today more than ever, Europe needs to stay connected. Thanks to YANA, we are trying to reduce the feeling of loneliness, reduce the risks of contamination, and increase the sense of community, based on values such as cooperation, mutual aid, and empathy.

HOW WE BUILD IT: We have been working step by step, following the UX design's methodology. We melt our research and our personal experiences to get to user's needs and user's path. We created and designed the application on Adobe XD from scratch, and animated the screens.

CHALLENGE: The real challenge for me was to lead this team and make my idea come true for a first step; but working with Camilla and Luise was really fascinating. We have worked to share our experience and create, on a project that is close to our hearts. Another challenge was for me to put into practice my knowledge of UX designer in the time allotted, and to succeed in analyzing, understanding and responding to real user needs.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS THAT WE ARE PROUD OF: It has been quite an experience for everyone of us, working together from all around the world, on a common goal and a shared value, without knowing each other; but I can say on behalf of the three of us, that we are very proud to have succeeded in bringing our ideas to fruition in a short period of time in response to a current and important issue. We have formed a very good team based on mutual help and trust, and we have been able to move forward in a very positive way. We are proud of ourselves, of the work we've done, and of the subject we've pursued.

WHAT WE LEARNED: We learned to work together despite the distance and to divide up the work very efficiently.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR YANA: Only good, I hope ! I hope to make it even more real soon; and I would like to be able to enrich it in order to refocus on the elderly, by offering an alternative to the use of the application on mobile or computer.

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