We drove through at McDonalds on our way to Atlanta, and did not feel comfortable taking out our phones to pay using neither Apple Pay nor Android Pay to purchase the food.

What it does

YallPay uses biometric authentication to eliminate using credit card or pin numbers when shopping. YallPay's fast and effortless functionalities benefit both merchants and buyers to save time and energy.

How I built it

We build it by using the faceplusplus API to implement the biometric authentication, then we connected it to Venmo's API to actually make the purchase.

Challenges I ran into

We were planning to use fingerprint authentication instead of facial authentication because the common smartphones have the features to scan the fingerprint

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having a working product that actually does what we envision it to do. Our product is able to take in a picture, authenticate and pay to the merchant.

What I learned

I focused on building the User Interface, so in this project I learned to use HTML, CSS, and javascript extensively.

What's next for yallpay

Currently, the most feasible biometric authentication to implement is the facial authentication. In the future, we may implement fingerprint authentication. It is possible to implement several authentications as well, so user may have more choices.

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