When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. How to maximize the potential of the internet through Facebook. Internet access is a big problem in Africa. In some countries the penetration rate is less than 10% or less than 5%. The cost of the internet is very high in Africa. The young people who need the internet the most face a high rate of unemployment. Facebook to the rescue. Most young people are active on social networks especially on Facebook because of it is easy to access. If you buy an internet pass more often you can connect to Facebook for free for 24 hours. Unfortunately they do not use this tool effectively because they can not use it only because of lack of content for them. Facebook offers many tools to maximize the proposition of quality content through its application. There are especially the "Instant Articles" tool. It allows to read complete articles through the Facebook application. So it's a great opportunity to offer content with instant articles to provide young people with useful and educational content throught optimize platform for mobile application. The use of ReactJS made it easy to achieve. Everyday I see in the Yali Network page, peers asking to found others peers near of there locality. I think creating a descent search engine can resolve this problem. You search, found and connect directly with your peers.

What it does

This app is trying to take advantage of the open source facebook products by specifically offering instant articles to young members of the yali community on Facebook. Yali is a program offered by the US Government to boost the leadership of young Africans. It's a community of over 500,000 young leaders on Facebook. In social network, there are many informations produced daily. To benefit the best of the timeline you have to be present not everyday but every hour. This application can also be a database and search engine to find, collaborate and share with peers easily.

How I built it

I was able to realize this application thanks to the excellent REACTJS library. Very flexible, I divided the application into reusable components. With state management, I used redux for global data and local state for specific data.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Gathering real data.
  2. Making a unique design, no boilerplate. All the design are done in sass.
  3. Developping the front and the backend in a short time.
  4. Being a french speaker and developing for english first app language

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am a self-taught web-developer. Without any experience in startup or company, I have build a fullstack web app. It was not easy because I can not ask anyone how to fix a bug. But with passion, I always find the solution to move forward with searches on google, github and stackoverflow. I have always believed in myself and I am determined to continue to create great applications in the future. Whiplash!

What I learned

We can accomplish everything we want if we are passionate and motivated. All the resources are available and accessibles.

What's next for Yali MAPER

Add more optimization by adding cdn, integrate messenger bot, graphQL, relay, server side rendering, more design customization.

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