Solving traffic I face daily due to the high amount of cars on the road.

What it does

The app will seamlessly match peer-to-peer driver and riders who are currently nearby and are heading the same way. The driver can reject or accept the pickup. The driver is rewarded with YalaSawa star that is proportional to the time loss due to the pickup and drop-off.

When you need a ride somewhere the app will in real time and dynamically search witch nearby peers can pick you off.

Even if you're already in the middle of the drive you might be notified at any time for a pick up!

On top of that it gives you the possibility to interact with verified and rated drivers/riders daily for security and socializing purpose.

How I built it

I built the back-end with Python/Django to implement the algorithm that will analyze all the requests and rides happening efficiently and only notify drivers when a rider can be efficiently picked without costing the driver lot's of time. And as a proof of concept I built the android client that display the functionalities on the user end.

Challenges I ran into

The algorithm to do the matching was complex but fortunately after some research I was able to implement one that would permit to do the computation efficiently.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The platform need to learn from the users past itinerary to offer a smooth experience. Using PyTorch for the first time was challenging but totally worth it once you get to see it's advantages.

What I learned

I learned how to design modular code (on server and client) to avoid doing changes in multiple places and be able to add features quickly and iterate quickly on the product. Unit test are GOLD! Unit test permit to insure good quality on the code while developing quickly new features and making sure I am still having a quality product.

What's next for YalaSawa

I am working now on both an iOs version and bot that would permit user to submit request by voice. And hopefully the release very soon cause after all we want to solve the traffic problem :)

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