We sort of have an intuitive understanding of how our friends influence our tastes and behaviors, but it's difficult to quantify and even harder to understand how we influence others.

What it does

We estimated the influence of word-of-mouth on businesses as a function of the sum total of their reviewers' word-of-mouth potential for that business. We based users' word-of-mouth power on a simple criterion: how many of a user's friends visit an establishment after the user gives it a positive review? This varies from establishment to establishment because different types and locations of business are subject to different pressure from word of mouth.

How we built it

We build the data visualization map using google place api, crunching data from the Yelp datasets and using the Ville de Montreal neighbourhoods dataset.

Challenges we ran into

Too much data

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Data is preprocessed very clean, making new inferences from the data and working with different skills on the team

What we learned

data visualization map, data preprocessing method, doing deep inferences on datasets

What's next for Yakker

Sentiment analysis for that influence and linking that to give even deeper insights to help you spend your campaign dollars better.

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