YAKB.us is a real time bus notification system that uses voice and SMS.   Are you tired of waiting at the bus stop not knowing when the bus is going to arrive?  Or even worse, not knowing if the bus is going to arrive at all? YAKB.us is here to help by letting you know when the next arrival times are for your stop.  YAKB.us is simple to use, on your phone dial or text the phone number with the five digit bus stop number. The bus stop number is viisbly displayed on the bus stop sign.  The estimated arrival times will be either read to you for a phone call or sent via SMS.  No need to have a fancy smart phone.  Notifications are available in both English and Spanish.  YAKB.us currently supports three different transit agencies.  These transit agencies include: Atrlington Transit in Arlington County in Virginia, Charlottesville Area Transit in Charlottesville, VA and Santa Clarita Transit in Santa Clarita, CA.

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