Our Low Gravity Hacker Lads Squad started playing D&D together recently! Our fearless Dungeon Master Chris Dean has taken us on a wild adventure. During his many years playing he has been wanting to develop an application that would help enhance the experience of all party members. A few of our key features: custom rooms for DM and party members, chat between the group or an individual, quick reference for spells, quick reference for party members,

What it does

Our application allows you to sign in as a DM or Party Member in which they are then taken to a shared room. Here they will have a multitude of resources to help enhance their experience. One of the largest is the chat system, the DM and party members will have the ability to privately send messages to each other or the entire group if needed. This will help keep the party members fully immersed in the game, but allow the DM to relay important or private information to the correct party members.

How we built it

The website is built using HTML, CSS and a bit of Java Script. We are using Pythons Flask framework to allow us to building the web server and the interaction between our scripts and other services.

Challenges we ran into

One of the largest issues we ran into was each of the developers machines. Since we all had slightly different environments we all would all experience different issues and sometimes pushed code would not work properly. We overcome these issues every time.

Another issue we ran into was the queuing of messages in the party lobby. Since we want everyone to have the ability to have a private conversation and the ability to have a group conversation that presented some odd issues. When you opened a new chat is would destroy any previous chats, but we were able to solve that issue after sometime. Getting an idea off the ground was our first road block.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we were able to get the chat application built so the DM can see all messages. Along with that all party members can message everyone of specific people if needed. This is also a first time using git branching for most of us. So betten having the occasional odd issue and then fighting branching, it was trial by fire for us. But in the end we learned a lot and are excited to use those skills in the future.

What we learned

We learned a lot about flask and getting everything hosted. We also used branching on git for the first time so that took a bit to get use to.

What's next for YADCA: Yet Another D&D Chat App

Shared map in the middle of the screen so the DM can draw and show the party where they are. Allowing them to make more informed decisions and create better strategies based on situations.

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