Being in the industry of luxury yachting for more than 8 years the necessity to improve the luxury asset ownership model as well as adapting it to the shifting paradigm from owning things to experiencing things has become quite obvious. Despite the luxury allure of the assets and expected level of automation and systematic approach it is not that at all. This is all the blockchain features come into play - immutability of the data of boats offered for sale to title registration using smart contracts, loans and insurance.

What it does

Yacht Shares allows end users to buy time shares in tokenized boats as small as 5% thus making it even cheaper than traditional charter. Onboard provides infrastructure for the whole market brokers/end users allowing for purchasing of yacht shares, registration of title, swap feature between other boats and 3rd party services for new and used boats.

How I built it

Being our first hackathon the aim was to make a commercially viable product

Challenges I ran into

Development of the smart contract

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It is a working very profitable business model that will disrupt the yachting industry

What I learned

DAO, a lot of blockchain use cases through projects of other participants

What's next for Yacht Shares | Onboard

As of now we are looking for partners/investors to launch the Yacht Shares platform as a testnet and start of work on preparing STO for the Onboard platform. Would be happy to discuss opportunities at cell.: +79037792244 Kirill and +6585876260 Matthew

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