Ya Basic


We love underrated music! We debated as to whose taste in music is more basic, and then we realized, why not make a website for that! Any chance to work with new APIs and technologies, we'll take it.

What it does

The user must give access to their Spotify account. Once granted, they can view a general overview of their Spotify stats (their top artists and genres). Each user gets a unique referral code, upon sharing with a friend, they'll be able to view their friend's statistics against their own. Hence, settling the battle once and for all, who has the more basic taste in music ;)

How we built it

  • We set up a Cockroach DB cluster and defined a schema, details of which can be found here.
  • We make use of Spotify's Web API to authenticate users and get information regarding their stats. Auth scopes used are user-top-read, user-read-private, user-read-email
  • We store information like user's Spotify ID, and relevant stats [top artists, genres, and popularity score]
  • Whenever a user logs in, an entry is made in our database.
  • Each user gets a unique referral code that is 7 characters long. Users can share referral codes with up to 2 friends. Once shared, they'll be able to view their friend's stats alongside their own.
  • On the DB end, we have functions like checkSlot() and addReferral() to store user information in the referrer's record.
  • On login, run the checkUserExists() function to see if the user is in the database. If not, use the newUser() function
  • On click of the submit referral button, run addReferral()

- For displaying the stats, use the displayUser() function

Challenges we ran into

  • Coming up with the idea itself was a big task! We debated and refined the idea a lot. We had to keep in mind the time constraint and the technologies available for use
  • Since we hadn't worked with the Spotify API or Cockroach DB, understanding those technologies took some time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Understanding Spotify's auth flow. Because, yikes, there are way too many tokens and variables :fearful:
  • Working with NewSQL technologies. Since we've never worked with Postgres, it was definitely fun to be able to grasp the basics of Cockroach DB over the weekend
  • Privacy-friendly analytics! We made use of Simple Analytics, a service that doesn't store any personal information about the users and doesn't require us to annoy users with "Here, eat a cookie" messages. This provided us with a simple dashboard where we can view how many few people are using our application:

    simple analytics dashboard preview

What we learned

  • How to work with Cockroach DB, the Spotify API
  • Handling project structure in Express.js
  • Editing DNS records and what it really means

What's next for Ya Basic

Enhanced privacy practices. At the moment, we store user's information like their Spotify IDs and stats. Going further, we'll delete these stats a week after the user's first login attempt. This way they wouldn't have to worry about their information being misused.

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