We wanted to create something that would help students learn and stay organized. Especially during online learning we wanted a resource that students could turn to so more students would be able to navigate eLearning and keep up with assignments.

What it does compiles a student's needs into one webpage. helps organize a students work load by providing them with a daily class schedule, student assignments, a notepad, and a Calendar. also features a navigation bar that bookmarks the most important resources for the student. Besides those features is also customizable to promote learning and creativity.

How we built it

The application was built using a variety of modern technologies including Python Flask for the back-end and HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery for the front-end. Many more tools were used during the construction including external flask and jQuery libraries and google authentication modules. The user data in the back-end is stored securely in an sqlite database with user passwords being hashed.

Challenges we ran into

[1]. Google API calls. We decided to integrate Google login on the second to last day of development. None of us had used Google's oauth before and we had to learn how to use it concurrently with our preexisting database. We managed to get oauth sign-in to work but were unable to create proper API calls afterwards.

[2]. Google Calendar was challenging because incorporating the sign-in with an iframe and serving the proper calendar provided to be a real pain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of that fact that we came together as a team to build this site within a matter of days. Without everyone's hard work we wouldn't have been able to have the results we see now.

What we learned

Jazhara: I learned about embedding code and I got to work with using iframe more.

Sebastian: I learned a butt-ton of jQuery.

Ian: I learned how to use oauth2 with Google and other web applications.

What's next for

We'd like to roll out new updates after the completion of the MakeSPP 2020 hackathon. Some features we really wanted to have but didn't have the time to implement include, assignment view, news feed, bookmarks, and much more.

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