We feel bored so we want to build something that is boring.

What it does

This web app lets you take photos of your boring faces and lets you compete with other boring people for the most boring face in the world.

How We built it

We used Microsoft emotion API for capturing the photo's emotion data such as anger, happiness, fear, etc. Then we used to monitor user activities on the website and allow users to take photos of their boring faces. Once they finish taking photos, we compare how boring they are with other users and then we get winners!!

Challenges We ran into

We are developing on Mac and when we try to deploy the app on ubuntu, we need to use different commands for setting up the app and the database.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

The web app is really boring and FUNNY!!!

What We learned

We learned to use several of Microsoft APIs.

What's next for y r u so boring

We are going to allow people to compete for other emotions such as happiness, fear, contempt, etc.

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