Popcovery was inspired after realising that most OTT platforms provide their users with movie/documentary recommendations based on their searches and have no role in providing content that can truly help them with the problems they are facing in their lives such as domestic violence, drug addiction, and more which has exponentially increased during these Covid times, and this is where we felt a major disconnect in terms of actually being personalised to the users.

❓What it does❓

Popcovery assists users to find movies and documentaries related to the challenges they're dealing with be it anything from drug addiction, war, violence, troubled youth, broken homes, alcoholism, depression and more and provides them with the movies that can help them in a pleasant and entertaining way. We wanted people to feel lighter-hearted after watching such movies, so we built a comedy area for any generation where they can find anything humour related, from films to funny messages, so they can sit back and relax.

🏗️How we built it🏗️

We built the Popcovery application using HTML/CSS/JS and used Twilio for securing SignIn to the platform.

🚧Challenges we ran into🚧

We had challenges running up some of the application's features and debugging the errors, also maintaining the coordination between teammates was a challenging task.We have a time zone difference which made it hard to work in teams. But we overcame it and have a blast while making a fun website together. It was a great team!


We are proud that we were able to create an application that could really help people with their issues and show them the right route in a fun and engaging manner.

📚🙋‍♂️What we learned📚🙋‍♂️

We learned so much about HTML and CSS Design and implemented UI/UX to the fullest of our Capabilities to make it look Asthetic and Attractive for users. Considering the fact that half of the team were beginners in coding yet we were able to manage the time well and Implement the ideas we had brainstormed. We also learnt the critical use of JQuery and Bootstrap for the themes of the website and tried to make it as visually attractive as possible.

⏱⌛⏳🏃‍♂️Time Management⏱⌛⏳🏃‍♂️

We had a tough time managing time this weekend with our participation in this Hackathon as we had to work on multiple things altogether. We lost alot of hackathon time in brainstorming and team building yet we are proud that things went according to our plans. Fortunately, we could do this by distributing our work and focusing on multitasking. Extremely excited for all the learnings and teachings we had got through this hack.

What's next for Popcovery

  • Mobile version of the application.
  • Coming up with a fully-fledged application with additional features like a Watchlist and Subtitles.


  • popcovery-with.tech (domain.com)
  • popcovery-with.us (godaddy)
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