Nearly 1.6 million car accidents occur each year from distracted driving, teenagers seem to be commonly be involved in these accidents. From our life experiences of knowing individuals who have been in car crashes due to texting and driving, we had a good idea of what kind of project we wanted to do. As we began coding our program we decided to use Matlab as we both had some experience using the software. Our code uses eye-tracking to determine if an individual takes their eyes off the road and makes an annoying beep noise whenever they look left/right. During our process, we ran into problems with stopping our while loop as the webcam took snapshots of our faces. From that problem, it leads to us not being able to implement it into an app where a start and stop button could be pressed to initiate each command. Also, there were many nested loops which became frustrating at times to fix. Rayyan Ayoub and Yash Menon are first-time hackers and are both 1st year Bioengineering students. Our project qualifies as "best beginner hack".

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