Inspiration and Idea:-

We all see how rumours and fake news spread around the world really fast and often they've a very negative impact, sometimes even leading to inciting riots and violence. So keeping that in mind, our team designed and made a flutter app where you can check different claims made by different sources and also the reality behind those claims.

What it does:-

It lets the user search for anything related to claims in the search box, and then the Google API it uses retrieves the data from the internet and shows it up on the mainscreen. It shows the different claims made related to the search keyword and also the reality behind those claims. Basically, its like a fact checker.

How we built it:-

For the front end and the UI/UX of the app. we majorly used Flutter framework. Rest for the backend, to retrieve data from the API, we've used Google API. And we used Android Studio and VS Code for writing and editing the code.

Challenges we ran into:-

Trying to display content from json file on the screen was really a tough thing to do.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:-

We're really happy that our team was able to deliver a fully fledged app while being in the different regions of the world.

What we learned:-

We learned how APIs work and how to use them in our flutter apps. It was a great experience all together.

What's next for Trued App:-

We'll be looking forward to add more features and plans such as

• Adding blocker for fake news sites.

• Deploying the App for real life usage.

• Collaborating with the local municipalities to make people aware of fake news and to convince them to stay away from it, hence doing social good.

Regarding submission links:-

• A public repository is made and attached which includes all our code

• A link to drive is shared which contains the apk file of our app. Do try it out :)

• The YouTube video's (our demo of the project) link is attached below as well. The video is made unlisted as for now.


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