XYFlyer is a puzzle-based game where students attempt to direct a remote controlled airplane through various rings using graphed-out equations to direct the airplane.

XYFlyer provides students with tight feedback loops and a limited option set that make it possible for a student who has no previous experience working with equations and graphing to dive in and learn while solving the challenges in XYFlyer.

XYFlyer allows students to explore equations and graphing through a trial-and-error environment that helps them explore how equations interact with graphs and develop a better visual intuition about what an equation would look like if graphed out.

The patterns that students recognize as they play XYFlyer can help them as they approach more abstract problems. It can give them a greater familiarity with how equations and graphing work that can help them persist on problems that lack the feedback loops that XYFlyer provides.

XYFlyer is designed to leverage hypothesis and error-driven learning to make the learning stimulating and engaging purely by providing students with a deep sense of progress as they figure out how to manipulate equations to solve the puzzles.

XYFlyer also provides a level editor, which can be found at http://puzzleschool.com/puzzles/xyflyer/editor

The level editor makes it possible for teachers to create custom levels and for students to create levels to challenge their peers.

The process of creating custom levels provides a great opportunity for students to learn more by trying to create the most challenging level they can.

XYFlyer is currently available on most modern web-browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) and will soon be released on IOS and Android, making it easy to play XYFlyer from a smart phone or tablet.

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