"Together everyone achieves more".

Employees are the backbone of any successful workplace. It is important to make sure they remain healthy, passionate and motivated to improve their overall work efficiency.

What it does

It takes the data available from the sensors and analyse. This data is then gamified to promote health and active lifestyle behaviour in office environment. Every employee will have its own avatar visible to all other employees. The avatar power and visual appearance can be improved based on their activity level inside the office premises. The activity level will be shown by the bar e.g. less activity can be shown as red and higher activity as green. The app also serves as an immersive information channel.

How we built it

It is built using mobile framework which can be deployed on both android and ios.

Challenges we ran into

3D modelling in a customised environment. Finding innovative way to display data.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

First of its kind experience in combining media entertainment, gaming and business industry.

What we learned

Thriving in a challenging environment.

What's next for Lets Gamify

Creating a full fledge gamification based mobile app that uses real time indoor positioning and location data.

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