What it does

Xwalk is a pair of glasses that help the blind cross the street. It has two primary functions: it helps the blind know when to walk by making a buzzing noise whenever there is a walk signal and it makes repetitive beeps when it sees someone else crossing the street so that he or she can assist the blind.

How I built it

I needed to be able to see the surroundings so I chose to use the Raspberry Pi Zero W for its size and Wifi capabilities. For the walk signal recognition, I used OpenCV2 to train the recognizer. For the assistance part, I used the Google Vision API and ultrasensor to see if there is a person nearby to help

Challenges I ran into

Time and Hardware were major challenges. It was often hard to tell whether software or hardware was the issue. I wished I had more time to 3D print custom fit glasses to put all the electronics in. Also training the data took super long.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of making functional glasses!

What I learned

I learned how to debug hardware more efficiently!

What's next for Xwalk

The image processing is very slow right now and I hope to make the image processing 2x faster.

Built With

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