I'm a brain cancer survivor and I use a cane for balance since being diagnosed in 2011. I'm now in remission.

How it works

The cane is a motivational tool for exercise and neurological disorders benefit from movement and the cane is an extension of the nervous system, and the body of the walker. A tactile haptic feedback loop using cane strike vibration as proprioceptive input information and CNS balance.

Challenges I ran into

Scale of components for compact implementation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of walking with a cane is a perpetual state of falling, I've learned techniques after thousands of miles of walking around NYC. I know the dangers, the challenges, and the obstacles and I have conceived of solutions and designs that take full advantage of this real world experience.

What I learned

I have learned to be more aware of my surroundings and conscientious of others who have neurological challenges in mobility.

What's next for Xtremecane ®™

Weights and measures, GPS, audio feedback, accelerometer data, vital signs monitor and HD camera integration with USB interface with rechargeable batteries, microphone, and Bluetooth pairing. Sports marketing campaign for motivation to healthy lifestyle and safety features that respect the cane walker.

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