Inspiration came from urgent need of a global digital profile which shows off who u r based on assets and NFTs you gather and more importantly the need to bridge the crypto world with the social world. We understood the future of digital economy and the big demand for showing off digital persona in web03 works by having a validated general digital profile and automatic communities emerging around digital identity to gather like minded ppl to talk and interact in public and real time base.

What it does our solution based on 2 connected layers, first we generate a digital profile for our users, it operates as iCloud for all nft assets and token user owns, basically synchronize all NFTs from all wallets and chains and networks belongs to user and bring them in. Sort of digital profile which includes: user name, user Adress in blockchain, showing user membership of nft clubs, user social media address and a bio, plus all collections and created NFTs belong to user, this can be minted as digital identity nft and can be used as a key to all global web03 gates.

Second layer is the multi interactive live stream based communities that are public and emerging around NFTs and digital profiles. Imagine like digital exhibition where users can creat short-live clips (up to 2 mins)-fits attention spans , containing shopable NFTs attached to it and everyone can reply back to the video with own short-live clip (sort of dieting wish short-live clips) it creates threads of short live clips that everyone can contribute to it. Each clip remains as story video. It can be synchronized as well as asynchronous, however anytime a video receives a live reply thread will be triggered to back to live and trend.

How we built it

We started 1 year ago to study market NFTs and understanding dive deep nft market place, but for coding part, we started 4 month ago and are ready to launch in next week. It has been developed in iOS native app, uses Java for backend and blockchain apis.

Challenges we ran into

Technical challenges including lack of many blockchain api and sdk resources for our idea but we were able to overcome those challenges by inventing and hacking solutions even ready to make it open source bc blockchain still requires a lot of work and infrastructures, even multi million dollar companies like metamask and coinbase are way behind accessibility and extra features that are necessary for web3 businesses

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Convincing Gary Vaynercheck team to be our partner and consultant, got bunch of influencer request to hop on our app, multiple marketing companies reached out for collab, users feedback. Even before launch is enormously positive I as tech founder have programmed official xtreamly tokens to use as airdrops for our crowdfunding campaign in web03 and developed automated script to distribute variety number of tokens on multiple wallets at once

What we learned

Users need, market shift, gaps in NFT market and communication channels, influencer marketing for NFTs

What's next for Xtreamly

We are going to launch our product and after few weeks upgrade it with killer feature digital profile we are going to run the Crowdfunding and airdrop our tokens to the backers and will continue user study and feature development based on user feedbacks

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