Xtract Capstone Project

The app launches to a screen that lets you take a photo or choose a photo from your album to 'xtract' (get the text from the image)

you will be presented with a `UIActivityIndicatorView` that shows that your app is loading


if you do not have connection or there is a networking error you will be presented with a `UIAlertController` informing you of the error


if the request succeeds, you will be taken to the `DetailViewController` and you can edit the text and add a title


The `UITabBarController` has two ViewControllers embedded in it, the add an image controller and the TableViewController which displayes all of your xtracted items with the original image, title label and text label


you can select these to go to the `DetailViewController` for each one or delete them


each xtracted item is persisted locally on the device and can be accessed without network connection

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