I was born in the Late 80s, and while I was growing up. Arcades and Arcade Machines were the place to find friends, hang out, even at local Laundry Mats, or other Public Venues, it was a place to meet new people, and meet new rivals. They were more then just a place to dump Quarters, but a place to build social interactions which we would otherwise not have. Due to our day to Day Lives.

As I aged, I watched the Decline of Arcades and the Machines that Created them, I watched as less and less public locations carried or hand a Official Arcade Machine, Eventually I watched it until I saw no more machines, by that Time the Early 2000s Consoles were everywhere, anyone who was anyone either had a Handheld Gaming Device, or a Personal Gaming Console in their homes. The Days of building Social Interactions over the Arcade Machines of our Youth have slowly dwindled into nothing.

As Games such as Pokemon, spawned interaction with their Handheld Gaming Consoles, inspiring people to Trade, or Battle. Arcade Machines were being left behind, soon. Personal Computers held access to the Internet, shortly followed by Home Based Gaming Consoles, then soon after Handheld Gaming Devices.

At that Mark Cellphones were now already integrated into our lives. And gaming took even another step forward, allowing anyone to play anywhere at anytime. But Happened to the Arcade Machine? What happened to the Arcades? The Public Locations that were so integrated into our Childhoods, they have now long Passed. There are still Reminiscent of the Ruins of the Old Arcade World.

Because of that, the industry has become stagnate, became docile and simply complacent in what they do. No New Arcade Machines are made, no new Arcade Games are published too the World, and Promoted.. Because of that we have Decided too take a Stand and bring new the new. Disrupt a Industry that has laying dormant, and bring about the Awakening of a Sleeping Giant that no one knew existed.

What it does

xStreamer Arcade Cabinet allows for seamless integration and transition in the Modern Day business. The cabinet contains 2 Monitors, 1 27" inch for displaying of the Game, and Video or Advertisements. and a 2nd 7" inch Touchscreen allowing for user interaction, and the ability to display Advertisements, or Coupons. Depending on the Business's Needs.

It also includes a NFC Reader/Writer, to allow a Customer to Login with a Mobile Device, or a NFC Enabled Tag, that is given out by the Business. Which could again be used to Display Additional Information on both the 27" inch & 7" inch Screens. As well as giving them interactive menus that can co-inside with that NFC Scanned Device/Tag.

It contains a Built-in Wifi Network, which allows for the Business itself or Maintenance workers, to login and control functions of the Cabinet. You can change the Cabinet into 1 of Several Modes. Classic Arcade Mode(Plays Classic Arcade Games, anything from Traditional Arcades.) Neo Arcade Mode(Plays new-age Style of Arcade Games made in Unreal Engine 4, or Unity3d. Which interfaces with the Arcade Cabinet.)[1 Working Demo to Showcase, extremely Basic], Kiosk Mode(Allows for a Business to display general information on the 27" inch Monitor, and Interactive Menus/Information on the 7" inch Touch Screen., Desktop/VR Mode(This enables you to play Steam Based Games, and other more Advanced Games such as VR Enabled Games. This uses the Occulus Rift for VR)

You can control 3 Locks on the Arcade Cabinet, Coin Area, Back of Cabinet, and Control Panel which allows you to unlock the device remotely for workers, or maintenance personnel.

You can also control the amount of Coins and the Type of coins the Cabinet accepts, up to 6 Different Coins which you can set for a Value & amount needed for a game play, you are unable to mix and match tokens, and currency however.

Your able to set the Cabinet to connect to a Wifi network to allow for the Cabinet to be connected to steam, and the web-services. Which gives you access to control your Cabinet virtually everywhere. By doing this your able to enable the Camera & Live-streaming Module, which allows players and users of the system to Live-stream on their own channels or the Businesses Official Channel on Twitch [Youtube Coming Soon]

How we built it

It took us a while over the course of the Last 2 Months. The System started as a Arcade and eventually grew, currently we are using Arduino to control the Coin Acceptors, and Locks, Raspberry Pi to Control the NFC, and Desktop Computer, we're suing a ESP8266 Wifi Module to Handle the IoT Side of things, and allow for the Device to have its own web interface. The desktop itself runs Windows 10 Enterprise Edition in Kiosk mode with a Custom Application running as the Shell, it also includes 2 Services, 1 for Internet Handling for Steam, and such, and 1 for the Core System that connects via Ethernet too the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi runs a Node.js Web Service for the Windows 10, and a Websocket for Data Transfer & Information Relaying. And a standard FTP for File Transfer. The Windows 10 Application is written in a combination of C# and C++ with alittle Node.js for some interactivity. On the Raspberry Pi its a split between Bash & Javascript/w Node.js & alittle Python. For the Webserver[NO DOMAIN AS OF YET working on it.. Sorry we spent all our Money on the Project. LOL] its pure Node.js/Javascript. Most of the Arduino/ESP2866 is written in C we use a SD Card Module for the Web servicing of the ESP2866 Module.

Challenges we ran into

Oh god, Hardware from China. Biggest Problem. Also waiting on Vinyl, and working with spacing. Been our Hardest Problems so far, Programming wise, it was making all the Modules work correctly. Things went quickly enough, untill we realized we had to buy windows 10 Enterprise edition... That screwed up, no one had it, took us 2 weeks to get a copy from amazon that wasnt 3rd party and cost us nearly 300usd -- was our next biggest issue. After that, it was simply time. Time waiting for parts to come in, and then to test code on it only to realize that we had to write massive chunks because of either (A) the module we bought wasnt what we expected or (B) the code we wrote was for older versions. Keeping up to date on everything was the overall headache.. Then on the 1st of Aug. Bioblaze Payne went in and had his tooth pulled, so the day before it was due we were unable to do anything, and today everyone was at work. So i'm Working on it alone -- <-- Bioblaze Payne...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a Arcade Cabinet that no one has ever seen, making something that could revitalize the industry. Also learning to do Micro-Electronics, Hardware Development, Wood Working, and working with Arduino's and Raspberry Pi's too this degree. Has been absolutely wonderful.

What we learned

Not to let Feature Kreep consume the Project, to not Bite off more then we can chew. And Understand that Glue even after a week, does not harden properly if its 115 degrees outside......... <-- California...

What's next for xStreamer Arcade

Working on Forming a Business, and Figuring out how to get this into Conferences, and businesses across the World.

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