What it does

Discord bot/web app that generates questions similar to "Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck, or 10 duck sized horses?" with different animals. It gives reasonable*-ish* suggestions based on the animals size, and the discord bot looks at user reactions to determine which animal would be considered the "winner". The winner gains points, and a scoreboard is shown.

How we built it

Discord.py for discord bot (later wish we used Discord.js given the React app is JS)

Challenges we ran into

  • Unicode encoding for emoji
  • Getting user reactions and converting those events into the correct actions
  • I really don't like web dev (Sorry)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Half of team has not used git/attended a hackathon before, so being able to learn and work together has been very rewarding
  • Finally created a functional React app (long term goal that I have never quite pushed myself enough to do)

What we learned


  • How to use Git
  • How to use JSON
  • Dev tools (Started the day using Python IDLE!)


  • Basics of React/JS
  • How to use JSON
  • Python (Classes were new to me)
  • Something about emoji's maybe, it was a painful process

What's next for XsizedY

Database, so scoring works with web app.

Frankly don't think there's much else you can do with this bot, but we had fun and it works.

Built With

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