This hackathon was a completely new experience for me. I was so excited to learn and build on a new blockchain XRPL. My main goal was to solve some really crucial problem existing in this technology and I found that payments to people can be done only if you remember their account address all the time which is practically not possible. It is not possible to even remember your own address :) And I was inspired to solve this problem

What it does

My dApp is a platform where one can mint contacts as soul bound NFTs to themselves so that they don't have to remember each others account address every time they need to transfer money to them.

Challenges we ran into

I tried experimenting with EVM sidechain and I could not integrate it since it was showing that the chainId was not available. I had a hard time using the xrpl npm package and finally ended up using the HTML script tag for XRP.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of completing a perfectly working prototype of my product

What we learned

I learned on how to build on XRP

What's next for XRPaLs

  1. XRGoups!!!! Yes, not just adding contacts one will be able to create groups to which one can pay and share the splits equally or proportionately. The group metadata will be minted as an NFT which makes it easier to fetch
  2. My main goal for this project is to switch this to XRP EVM so that one need not expose his seed phrase to log in his account

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