Sellers of goods are limited to buyers who can pay in local currency. XRP ecommerce blurs boundaries and unites shoppers.

What does it do

Buying goods with XRP cryptocurrency in the ecomerce app.

How I built it

To build the application I used angular 9, as the backend used Firebase services. In the application for payment service I used the ripple-lib library.

Problems I am facing

During the hackathon period I did not complete the integration with a smart contract with a supply chain

Achievements I am proud of

There is a working prototype at, the app work for desktop and mobile and have PWA option.

What have I learned

The lib Xpring-JS is easy in using

What the future holds for XRP Ecomerce

This application, like all online stores, has a major drawback: the buyer after payment hopes that the seller will deliver the goods and that this will happen on time. This problem is solved by using a smart contract with a supply chain. The team has this smart contract using ETH. There is work to be done on the integration of XRP payment -> ETH -> smart contract (supply chain). The seller will now receive payment when the buyer receives the item. The next step is to accept all types of PayId payments. For this application, SEO optimization work is to be done and multilingual design as PayId allows you to make payments from different countries.

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