EndeavorRX is a Doctor approved digital therapeutic treatment for ADHD. With XR Vocabular Viper we seek to provide another alternative to treating ADHD as well as learning disabilities like Dyslexia. The theme of this hackathon was Fusion and the play mechanic is a product of merging two familiar games.

What it does

The game is classic Snake on a wordsearch grid. Players move the snake around the word search random array of letters and use audio and visual queues to find new letters to create words that increase the size of the snake. Classic rules apply so you win once you find all of the words or you lose if you touch the snake.

How we built it

Built in Unity using the MRTK library. On Mobile we use touch and on the magic leap we use hand tracking to interact with the UI.

Challenges we ran into

Porting to multiple devices.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're happy that we were able to demo this prototype on multiple XR device (Magic Leap, Spectacle II, and Mobile)

What we learned

Learned a lot from researching learning disabilities and Neuroscience topics.

What's next for XR Vocabulary Viper

Porting to more XR devices and leveraging new XR features as they are released

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