The Corona lockdown shows that humans have an urgent need for new digitalization solutions, which are keeping them safe and allows them to educate and interact with others over networks. XR (eXtended Reality) technology fullfils following key topics to prevent Corona:

  • Mitigation of economic damage for health care, defense and industry in biological risk situations.

  • New training quality through communication and skills acquisition over distances

  • People interact and learn via networks to stay safe New immersive technology solutions expand the interaction possibilities of people far beyond the physical togetherness and grants access to virtual information and environments via standard hardware.

  • Multi-user mode in virtual environments People find themselves and their expanded interaction possibilities in virtual spaces and can communicate and interact with other people.

  • Development of a visual and neural knowledge network The knowledge and information of experts are captured in digitized learning environments and processed in a well-founded manner by artificial intelligence. Activities of the learners in the virtual space are saved, evaluated by AI and flow back to the expert for the continuous improvement of the learning content.

What it does

A digital community of experts and learners based on XR and AI technology as a new digital ecosystem for educational institutions in the public, commercial and private sectors.

The focus is on people and the technology tools are selected, developed and integrated in such a way that intuitive operation of the interactive systems is ensured for all age groups. Knowledge can be accessed at the push of a button (one-button principle).

The focus is also on the users who are involved in the project from the first moment as experts and learners in order to be able to quickly create, share and evaluate learning content.

The preparation time for XR learning content is minimal for people with general IT skills and is continuously measured and the technology is developed or adapted accordingly.

A retention rate is increased to 80% through motor training combined with visualization and immersive content (as of today 10-20% using traditional teaching aids).

The development of an innovative XR ecosystem demonstrably supports new access to high-quality technical, vocational and tertiary education as well as the improvement of social, economic and political participation.

The XR ecosystem as an integration platform serves as the foundation for ongoing innovations and is constantly measured for acceptance, efficiency and sustainable use.

How I built it

  1. Setup and define virtual communities in domains education, healthcare, defense and industry.
  2. Collect any exsiting information in traditional format (documents, pictures, videos, 360s, 3D models) and convert them into XR content with support of an automated conversion pipeline. Integrate Unity projects also.
  3. People with common IT-knowledge use existing standard software for XR content creation from Modest Tree to build all kind of training and collaboration environments. Create and reuse standard and individual templates for avatars, meeting rooms, tradeshows layouts, auditoriums, training facilities to build virtual environments.
  4. Share content worldwide with others to access the virtual environments by using any hardware device (mobile, tablet, PC, VR/AR glasses)
  5. Invite other people to join virtual environments and interact, train and socialize in multiuser mode.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Software is ready, but XR hardware is missing for the mass (HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Microsoft Hololens 2) Real XR technology can be experienced over AR or VR glasses only. Government have to understand that the distribution of hardware needs fonding and subvention. Hardware rollout have to be coordinated and priotized by immergancy in following sequence: healthcare, defense, industry and education.

  2. Scale up cloud network for XR technology for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services running XR content worldwide cost money and need fonding.

  3. New law needed for cyber security needed urgently Using machine learning to make sure, that every citizen:

  4. runs through virus safty training monitored by name and activity

  5. achieve online certifications which are international recognized to become a domain expert

  6. no common defense platform exists with highest security in place

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to fight successfully at the forefront of digitalization with cutting-edge technology. A technology which is ca. 5 years ahead of the time. I could create awareness for new XR technology on top management level and close several XR projects within healthcare, defense and industry already.

What I learned

From Corona crises I learned that there is no time for perfection. Safe lifes with fast actions. Many hurdles were eliminated due to Corona (like laws, high security demand, intrest in new technology and user acceptance...). Now it's the time for digitalization against biological risks.

What's next for XR technology against Corona

The technology is ready. Only money is needed to scale up worldwide. Rise the red flag from digitalization community for top decision makers. But there is a high risk that the world economy will run into a crisis and top decision makers are stopping fondings for digitalization. This would be a fatal mistake for mankind. The global digitalization community should use all channels to stand against fonding cuts in the future!

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