Many projects are sincerely trying to increase the value of their tokens, but in contrast, there are more and more people who generate tokens in a messy manner or handle them fraudulently.

What it does

Recently, individuals and communities have been issuing tokens, known as Social Token, and we expect more and more tokens to be issued in the future.

Therefore, we thought it is necessary to have a tool that can increase the reliability of tokens.

How we built it

So, in this hackathon, we have developed a tool that allows users to directly add a "XR Scoialfesto" to the token HOOKs, which defines the purpose of the token issuance and operation policy.

What is unique about this is that in addition to the manifesto being tied to the token, the manifesto needs to be signed by three people. This manifesto is managed on Textile Bucket and Ceramic, and the signature on the manifesto is done by the wallet associated with IDX.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for XR Scoialfesto (XRP Scoial NFT)

Built With

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