This inspiration comes from my personal experience. When I traveled in Italy with my best Friend's Giovanni, I had exposure a real Italian food experience which is called LaDolceVita, Beautiful Life in English. As I noticed it could be a great experience to find a local real local information, I got this idea to connect activities by users feelings directly.

What it does

Xpresso is on-time user's location based on activity suggestion driven by User's Future Feeling. We simply connect how they want to spend time and what they want to feel in the future. It is a different kind of approach to reach out a real local experience that users look for based on their occasion.

How we built it

Xpresso is composed of three parts. Users Side is designed by Swift. And, Back-end as DataBase is Python. Contents and Yelp API are connected by Jason.

Challenges we ran into

We actually evaluate Top 300 Suggestion in Soma Area surrounded in Yelp HQ. And, we tested Xpresso to find 50 restaurants and people on the street for asking them to find by their real situations. Therefore, we noticed we are lack of contents in this phase, and not implement a feature, User's Feedback to improve database, contents, and logic to suggest a suitable activity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The thing we are proud of is to test a real app on the street, and based on user's feedback and results to modify Yelp's contents, we brushed up the idea again. So, it will be more useful bring faster and easier user experience to our users than Yelp.

What we learned

Obviously, Yelp has a great data and a great amount of useful contents and feedback from users. However, the more Yelp had users and feedback from them, the more difficult it is for users to find a proper information quickly and to fill into the gap between the experience that they look for and the experience that they could get when they go to Restaurants provided by Yelp Current system. By current Yelp

What's next for Xpresso, Mobile App

If Yelp thinks it is a unique approach for solving the problem to fill into the experience gap, we would put more contents and to analyze Yelp Database to compile and to develop a simple one from that. Also, as we implement a feedback feature, all feedbacks will go to Unique service providers side like Small Business Owners. Thus, they can improve their customer service by different approch in terms of their totaly service and feeling that they provide.

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