Eileen’s parents usually go grocery shopping every day after work, but it’s always a pain to wait in the long checkout lines at such peak hours in supermarkets, while Eileen and her brothers, have to wait at home hungry for dinner. Sometimes they would just buy online. Actually, they are not alone--the long checkout lines have made shopping a time-consuming chore for so many people that stores are losing about 5 million dollars of revenue because of this. Meanwhile, stores must expend large amounts of money to hire staff to run the checkout counters.

We aim to revolutionize the shopping experience as a whole - by making shopping more efficient and personalized, XpressCart not only boosts revenues but also cuts labor costs.

What it does

XpressCart seeks to change the in-store shopping experience by moving the checkout counter into individual shopping carts. It keeps track of what the shopper has already bought and allows he/she to finish payment directly on the cart without having to wait in lines.

1) As the shopper move through the store and select items, he/she would scan each item before placing it into the cart. If the shopper decides that he/she no longer want one of the items in the cart, the shopper can simply re-scan the item when removing the item from the cart.

2) When the shopper is ready to pay, he/she can finish payment on the cart via mobile pay or credit card payment.

3) XpressCart can give personalized recommendations based on what the customer has already bought. This function can be achieved in the future based on store inventory and promotion information database.

4) XpressCart also includes an alarm mechanism to prevent shoplifting: if the shopper doesn’t scan before placing an item in the cart, the cart will remind the shopper via a speaker or the user interface until he/she takes it out and re-scans it.

The goal is that the entire shopping process can be performed without any staff assistance. XpressCart would not only attract customers to supermarkets by speeding up the shopping process, but would also be beneficial to store owners by cutting labor costs.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for XpressCart

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