Depression is a major part of society, and our program can hopefully diagnose depression, by using your facial features, and your words

What it does

Primarily uses facial features to determine emotions, and asks you a series of questions to determine your emotional state (happiness, sadness, depression)

How I built it

We used OpenCV to determine the facial features, and the other libraries were used after OpenCV to determine emotional state.

Challenges I ran into

We couldn't load the data that we needed to use for this specific project, so that we could create our lexicon. This took a while to figure out, because the text file with the lexicon was incredibly laggy, but eventually we were able to import the lexicon into our program.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using haarcascades to determine facial features Incorporating nltk, and openCV together to create something possibly helpful for society

What I learned

We learnt a lot about nltk, and how it can be used in a variety of problems and situations, and it isn't necessarily just linguistics.

What's next for XprAI

Implementing our own TensorFlow ML model to increase accuracy.

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