Ever wanted to see the world? On a budget? Don't wanna go to basic touristy places? Xplore the world through the people that know it best!

What it does

Xplore is a travel hack that matches you with a renowned local that will show you the place they call home! We factor in your favorite vacation excursions -- rock climbing, hittin' the club, taking in the view -- and pair you with a local that has the same idea :D (all without hurting your wallet too).

On a side note, since our platform would (in the future) rely on guides to opt-in to offer their services, we instead identify interesting locals and their favorite hometown hotspots through Yelp to bring you a unique experience you literally can't find anywhere else!

How we built it

With Amadeus's new Flight Inspiration Search alongside Yelp's Businesses and Reviews API on Google Cloud Platform, we learned how to mash APIs together in true hackathon spirit.

Challenges we ran into

Deployment and persisting state in backend servers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Bringing forth a completely unique experience to users in hopes to connect people across the world and spread culture far and wide.

What we learned

Cool API Endpoints:

  • Amadeus's YapQ, Flight Inspiration
  • Microsoft Azure Search

What's next for Xplore

Bringing this app to market would revolutionize the travel industry and open up the tourism market to smalltown locals all over the world. Recruiting these cultural experts as modern "travel agents" will ensure no one will ever have the same vacation twice ever again!

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