The Xplor project is partially inspired by the existing platforms of Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit. It aims to motivate its users to spend time outdoors by granting virtual reputation for visiting locations such as landmarks, trails, or other places of interest. It allows users to view locations visited by their friends and suggests locations for users to visit based on their past travels. It could also feature weekly challenge locations for bonus reputation, and a geoguessing feature that would challenge users to figure out a location nearby them using only a picture.

Users interact with the Xplor system through the Xplor app (which we developed for Android). The app centers around taking and posting pictures of local landmarks and view the pictures taken by their friends and strangers alike. The app itself was built in Android Studio with the server side being implemented in Python/Flask.

This was our very first Android app, and since none of us had ever used Android Studio or Flask before, making this hack proved to be quite a learning curve. We managed to accomplish much more in our time than we expected and learned a lot in the process. Although Xplor will probably not be continuing development in the near future, it is almost guaranteed that the three of us will continue Android development and maybe in time we'll come back to Xplor at another event or otherwise.

We do not have an available demo; we were able to produce the UI layout and complete most of the login/authentication implementation, but sadly did not have time to follow through with working out bugs and adding the majority of our major features.

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