Xpeseum is the winner project of UCBerkeley IEOR Entrepreneurship Challenge, 2014. There are a total of over 100 Berkeley students competing to form teams and create innovative apps. As the designer of my team, l co-created an unity-based Augmented Reality app for the Disney Family Museum, aiming to engage the museum visitors and enhance their visit. Initially, our team has no idea what market to focus, how does Augmented Reality softwares work and how to develop the app. Our team spent over 4 months of discussion, learning, interviewing and site-visits. In the end, this app emerges as the top in the category of Augmented Reality. What l learnt from this project is that it doesn't matter whether you are familiar with the tools and languages at the start of the competition. If you don't know what to do, try to conquer the anxiety and fears, calm down and learn, you will definitely enjoy the fruits of your creation in the end.

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