Create, Collate & Share IOUs. Expense Share is a tool aimed at simplifying the process of creating expenses, calculating expense splits, collating bills and IOU’s effectively without any fuss. Streamline your expense tracking & settlement and forget keeping mental notes. Use it and settle with ease. Waiting for something like this? Dally no more. Install now to start reminding your friends to pay up. Take a look at some of the features on offer: Expense Share is one of the easiest expense sharing and tracking applications out there, with the right blend of simple features that offers a complete experience to the users.

  • Groups : Create groups using friends, colleagues or family. Edit groups, add or remove payees. Manage multiple groups to monitor your expenses effectively.
  • Share Expenses : Add expenses for a group. Split expenses amongst group members with ease. Simple divisions. Divide equally or unequally. Freeze payee amounts.
  • Track Expenses : Monitor who you owe and who owes you. View detailed expense history. Get prompt mail updates for group creation and expense addition. Install now to get a simplified experience and don't forget to leave your comments and feedback. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us to help us grow much further and to ensure that we keep bringing much more ideas to the forefront so as to make a fraction of people's lives' easier. Access the web version at
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