As a college student, its very difficult to learn about smart ways to invest money and make a profit! Financial literacy is not a requirement at any level of the education system. Therefore, its difficult to make it a priority and many people miss out on their prime investment period. Luckily, Xpense is here!

Xpense is a virtual assistant impacting college students & emerging financial enthusiasts by teaching them how and where to invest smartly! Xpense not only tracks all your accounts and savings, but also show you possible mutual funds and bonds for investment with data visualizations of each opportunity for profit.

Xpense is a web application hosted on Azure using nodeJS. The consumer data and banking account information was all acquired using Capital One's Nessie API. The Twilio API was used to send user text message reminders regarding their progress. D3.JS was used to create all the data visualizations on the application.

One of the biggest challenges was to identify the best way to visualize financial data in the most effective way possible. We really wanted to make these visualizations non-intimidating to even the least financially savvy people.

We are pleased that we were able to make Xpense very user friendly so that even the least computer savvy people can easily use our application.

All of the members of our team had a great learning experience throughout the creation of Xpense! I got the chance to work with D3.JS to create data visualizations that I had never worked with before, while my teammates explored their way through creating a web application on Azure which was new to them!

We hope to expand Xpense to incorporate more features including data visualization analysis of all transactions, investment training of stock market profits and losses, a backend database using MongoDB to store user financial, savings, and investment goals, and much more! Xpense is a great learning application for people of any age looking to get started in investing! So get started with Xpense today and take control of your financial future!

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