The team has spent years observing how complicated access regulated services online with the same ID. it's the time to be inclusive with everyone (regardless of social groups) online - it's time to give trust back to people and allow them access public and private services online without having to worry about not getting a loan, a delivery or even a job.

We developed an app, where users can create a profile with their personal information, enable 2-factor authentication, and once set up, any company can retrieve their data with the user’s consent by adding few lines of code to their site.

Traditional face to face onboarding is not an option for the next couple of months. Supermarkets, governments and delivery companies are digitally onboarding customers and new employees in scale.

They are sharing similar target markets and have not realised collaboration could be fundamental to cut down onboarding costs ~ reusing the information of the new employees or customers across different services such as hospitals or citizen apps when the user consents it. The cost is exponential in a short-term when acting alone, but it can massively decrease too if it's distributed and used across different companies.

This can help identify people quickly and securely, and allow them to access the services they are used to typically use physically.

The challenge is not legal or technological. It's of adoption.

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