before lockdown during my office and college days, I ran into problems where I needed to send email or make important reminder to myself which I often used to forget. Logging with google account or trusting device was plus point to make me lazy and not do that. From very early point, I was clear about what I wanted to make. It would be one tweet like box which would be powerful and intuitive enough to fulfil my all wish.

What it does

  • Send telegram/whatsapp message to yourself just with username.
  • If message is too short add ### and add enough text to let us decide whether it's you or not. (You could type about your boring day or just have fun scribbling)
  • With special command, you can send email to someone without even logging in. [ifttt workflow using api-ifttt keyword which gives you your unique json endpoint]
  • Alerts you whenever we detect suspicious login in todo app
  • utility functions (edit/set username/profile photo, WhatsApp status, etc)

How to begin

  • find typingDNA_bot using telegram
  • follow steps to register yourself
  • /whatsapp command to setup option WhatsApp notification
  • Now, visit whenever you want to send message to yourself or run workflow
  • if confidence is (40-60% then message will be sent to telegram only) , >60% will send message to you and below that level it will fail.
  • Currently there is no UI for special commands (ifttt/zapier). (You can access it by{sha-256 of your username}/{ddmmyyyy}/api-keyword.json )

How I built it

Given 31 day long Hackathon, I planned quite a few thing after I joined. I built page with Vue and Tailwind, TodoApp in React, backend and telegram bot using python and firebase and lots of open source GitHub magic.

Challenges I ran into

Last week I lost my Mac data completely and realised value of GitHub but being old fashioned and noob in industry I learned my hard lesson. I am paying for my mistake and apart from that everyday was challenge in itself given how can I accomplish something in the best way possible

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Apart from lovely 4 letter domain name I got today, Submitting this project on time was never easier and still incomplete in some places here and there. But that's something I am proud of and would like to make it into mature product

What I learned

Always have a backup typing-dna can be great behind the scene authentication enterprises/companies can make use of.

What's next for xoop - message or run workflows any time from any device.

it depends. I am struggling developer. Last 4 month with 0 INR income. Next Hackathon or maybe keeping this Hackathon memory, write some blog, polish! let's see. always open for feedback :)

(p.s. some links are routed through local development or server is running locally. If you face any connectivity error. Please try after some time or contact me on telegram @youruniqueid )

Built With

  • aws-lambda
  • callmebot
  • firebase-functions
  • firestore
  • javascript
  • netlify
  • react
  • telegram-bot
  • typing-dna
  • vue
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