Inspiration -

23&Me -- The data collection aspect of it.

Tinder - the simplicity of it.

What it does -

It provides the inexperienced investor with the sentiment data of experts in the field, which can help them make better investment choices. It also provides the experienced investor a look into the mind of the average investor. While both of these events are occurring, we are collecting large amounts of data, which we can sell when we get a large enough data set down the line.

How we built it -

We have a REST API that is connecting a MongoDB database, a Swift App, and a Calculation server (this is still in the works).

Challenges we ran into -

Calculation server, REST API between the Swift app and the MongoDB database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of -

Dualistic app that helps anyone, from all experience levels, interested in finance, to become better at finance.

What we learned -

"The devil is in the details". We had a theoretical application written out on the whiteboard, but the hardships come when you try to implement them with code.

What's next for XON -

We will be thinking about the next steps in making this an actual business, as this is an idea that all 4 of the team members would like to pursue.

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